my opinion on the super smash bros 4 news

let’s start with characters, new and returning!

  • Ness: saw coming from 5000000 miles away an it finally puts an end to all those “NINTENDO HATES NESS” and “WHERE’S NESS” posts so hey!
  • Falco: nice to see, hands off the bread
  • Dark pit: not huge on, will probably never play. But i get why he’s there and im glad for people who like him!
  • Duck Hunt Dog: not a single thing i DON’T like about this character, his animations,moveset,and everything is perfect 
  • G&W: nice to see! Knew he was in cus that pac trailer but still!!!
  • Ganondorf: remember when people thought ghirhiam was replacing him, lmao. anyway wouldn’t be smash without him IMO
  • Dr.Mario: If you follow me you know i fucking love him coming back and im glad
  • Wario:MAX GLAD
  • Jigglypuff: glad to see! Glad she wasn’t replaced by mew2 like some thought she would?? idk u guys are silly

  • Rob: a lot of people hate rob, i don’t, i think he’s awesome. Glad to see he’s back after all the uneeded hate he gets

Overall opinion on the roster: great, its the best in the series IMO. Sad about climbers yes, but literally everything else makes up for it. Some characters got well needed or great changed too!Also no there is not “too many mario characters” mario is their mascot, chill.


  • F-zero retro stage: looks cool! Retro stages are always fun to me tbh
  • Kirby’s dreamland: LOVE THE MUSIC, the idea is a lot of fun too! A great idea for a stage!
  • Magicant from Mother: don’t know much about mother, but this stage looks REALLY COOL! the bird thing that helps attack looks fun
  • Pictochat 2: looks fun!
  • Retro stages: Warioware stood out to me as it’s one of my favs, and flatzone 2 is a cool concept but im bleh about playing on it so whatever

Overall opinion on stages: rEALLY GREAT! these are EASILY some of the best stage ideas in the series. Really excited to try out paper mario, dreamland, and magicant! Sure there are a lot of returning stages but i don’t mind because the new ones ARE SOOOO GOOOOD


  • "Master Core": not gonna lie, this thing fukin scared me, it looks really cool overall tho! Nice to mix up the bosses too
  • ALTS: smash 4 has the best alts in the series hands down “anime luigi” “the villagers” “Koopalings” “Alph” and SO MUCH MORE
  • Music: fucking fantastic

Hype: 11/10